Sadly YDRfm did not win the full time broadcasting license for Yeovil and the surrounding area. This web site has been left online so that people can see what YDRfm achieved during its five years campaigning for a local radio station and to show what YDRfm could have provided for the community.
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6 Mar 2003
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 The latest local news can be found here, courtesy of the Yeovil Express.

The Radio Authority announced today that YDRfm was not successful in it's application for the broadcasting licence covering Yeovil, Sherborne, Crewkerne and the surrounding areas.

YDRfm would once again like to thank all of our supporters, followers, volunteers and advertisers, without whom getting this far would not have been possible.

Our Five Year Quest for Independent Local Radio
  • Campaigned for over Five Years
  • Provided Four Trial Broadcasts
  • A Total of One Hundred and Twelve days on-air
  • Broadcasts including Local News, Sport, Issues, Information and Interviews
  • An original founder with the Radio Authority, proving the area needs a Local Radio Station
  • Provided over 250 Free Roadshows for the Local Community
  • Publicised Local Charities and provided major fund raising
We have worked tirelessly for a local radio station to become a reality, now we ask for your support to help us succeed in keeping Yeovil, Sherborne, Crewkerne and the surrounding area's licence in truly independent hands, with a group with proven local radio commitment.

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