Sadly YDRfm did not win the full time broadcasting license for Yeovil and the surrounding area. This web site has been left online so that people can see what YDRfm achieved during its five years campaigning for a local radio station and to show what YDRfm could have provided for the community.
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The YDR FM picture gallery

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The girls from Suspicion strike a pose with Bob the Builder at Truckfest 2001 at the Bath and West Showground.

Are you there?  The view from the top of the YDR FM Hendy Truck stage.


I'm sure someone was locked up with this guy at sometime!  Craig from Big Brother at Truckfest 2001 with YDR FM

Tony Temple and Danny D with guest Craig from Big Brother, after their on-air interview at Truckfest 2001

The girls from Suspicion in the picture again, (they are good at it though!) with Katrina from Airline at Truckfest 2001 on the YDR FM Hendy Truck roadshow stage.

The very last picture from the webcam before the transmitter was switched off.

Just how many presenters can you fit in one studio ???

Mat King mixing up the flavours in the area on his Saturday night show.

Guy tells the world what he thinks of YDR FM.

If I told you what this was you wouldn't believe me anyway!


The main sports event of the year! Sheep racing! in Sherborne.

Tony Temple is number two in the YDR FM sponsored race, believe me he might as well have been number 99 with his performance, his sheep went backwards and all that!

Tony Temple parades around town with the star prize provided by Nursery Rhymes.  (We tried, but he wouldn't fit in the buggy :-)

Rich and Kev puzzle over how the transmitter actually works...

Raising money for Yeovil Carnival in the Bandstand with loads of fun and some top bands. What a get up hey!

Kerry demonstrates that YDR FM presenters will go to great lengths to find any way possible of promoting YDR FM.

The home of YDR FM.

Holland's House, Yeovil College, 31-May-2001

The YDR FM Road Ranger Four, supplied by Vale Motors - one of the few times it was stationary !!!

Yeovil College, 23-May-2001

YDR FM Roadshow at Huish School, Yeovil - 19-May-2001



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