Sadly YDRfm did not win the full time broadcasting license for Yeovil and the surrounding area. This web site has been left online so that people can see what YDRfm achieved during its five years campaigning for a local radio station and to show what YDRfm could have provided for the community.
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 About the Pedal Power Trio 
Pedal Power Trio logo
It was after Easter this year when my brother, David, my sister, Caroline, and myself, Antonia, were sitting around having eaten too much chocolate.

David suggested doing another crazy fund-raising expedition (a few years ago we walked the Dorset coast line with our legs tied together) in order to raise money for the Joy Town Community Development Foundation. We had heard of Jason Lewis a local man who recently crossed the USA on roller-blades and so this inspired the idea of crossing the States on some bizarre contraption.

Now, 5 months later, we are leaving for the USA with an 18ft, three-person recumbent bicycle under one arm! We will cycle from St. Augustine, on the east coast of Florida, 3,200miles later we hope to arrive in LA for the long awaited swim in the Pacific Ocean. We are not the 'fitness junkies' you may imagine (yet). Antonia is a teacher, David is a cobbler and Caroline has just finished university. However, we all have red hair and thus the Celtic streak of determination to succeed.
Antonia Campbell
David, Caroline and Antonia just two days before they left for the USA  
The Pedal Power Trio (David, Caroline and Antonia)
pictured just two days before they left for the USA
YDR FM managed to (quite literally) catch up with the Pedal Power Trio just two days before they left to start their 3000 mile trip across the USA.

After some last minute 'tweaking' of the vehicle (it's not a bike, a trike or a tandem, so what is it ??? Answers on a postcard to YDR FM !!!) and a lightning fast change into their cycling clothes they were all set for a practice run through the streets of Evershot.

YDR FM will be keeping up with their progress and so can you by paying a visit to their web site (listed below). We've been reliably informed that there will also be photos of their travels which will be beamed back to Blighty whenever possible.
For more information you can contact the 'Pedal Power Trio':
By e-mail:
By phone: +44 (0)1935 83366
Or visit their web site:

Donations, however big or small, should be sent to:

Joy Town Community Development Foundation
Piper's Hey

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